2020 Details


In 2020, the Psychology of Technology Institute will award 3 dissertation award grants of $1,000 each and acknowledge up to 3 additional honorable mentions. This initiative is in line with the Psychology of Technology Institute’s mission of connecting and supporting scholars from multiple scientific disciplines who conduct research examining the factors that shape people's attitudes about new technologies, and how the adoption and use of these technologies are transforming how people live, work, play, and interact.


Applicants must be doctoral students in psychology, organizational behavior, communications, marketing, or a related field and in good standing with their university. Must be enrolled full-time (or working on their dissertation research for an equivalent of full-time enrollment regardless of actual registration status). Applicants must have had their dissertation proposals approved by their dissertation committees prior to application. The dissertation research may be in any area of psychology and technology.

submission details

The due date for all materials is NOVEMBER 15, 2019; decisions will be made by January 2020.

Submissions for this award will be accepted via email at psychoftechnology@gmail.com. Please include the following:

  • Abstract of the dissertation proposal, not more than 250 words, single-spaced (not including references)

  • Summary of the dissertation proposal, not more than 600 words, single-spaced (not including references)

  • Table or Figure (optional; no more than one)

  • Curriculum vitae including scientific publications, presentations, research and teaching experience

  • One letter of recommendation from the applicant’s academic advisor is required to complete the application process

    • The letter writer will submit his/her letter via email at psychoftechnology@gmail.com and, in addition to the recommendation, must include the following in the letter:

1.     Confirmation that the applicant is in good standing in his or her program.

2.     Confirmation that the proposal has been approved by the applicant’s committee (or the equivalent designation for the Ph.D. program).

3.     Date by which the student is expected to complete the dissertation.